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I love people.
There is something about watching a family laugh and play, a newborn baby enjoying the warmth of her mother's touch or a couple just catching up over coffee that gives me great joy. I love catching people in their natural element. 

I love photography.
Preserving truly great memories requires intuition, creativity and the ability to connect with people on an emotional level. My approach combines a mix of traditional and photojournalistic style, a relaxed and fun shooting approach and a strong passion for capturing life's "real" moments.

So, thank you for your interest. I hope that you will look through the stories told on this site and get lost in the love found there. Stop by the contact page and send me a note. I would really love to meet you!

i've binge-watched the office four times and...

get to know me  a little bit better

My kids are my "why". Taking them on adventures and stepping into their world is my favorite. I'll never regret the time I spend with them.


Adventure. Seriously take me away to anywhere and I'm happy. Bonus if there's a beach. Double bonus if it's with my best friend. 


Food. I love it. Every country, every county. We can't help eating our way through it and trying local flavor.


I love encouraging people, reminding them who they are and why they matter in the world.